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Before say anything about us, we need to clarify an important matter regarding the use and abuse of the word "Original"

Our definition of the word ORIGINAL
The word “Original” has a simple definition; only one of a kind and no matter what dictionary you look up, and regardless of what language you speak; it means ONLY ONE SINGLE ITEM, everything else is a copy. Unfortunately, the word “Original” has been abused, faked, turned and twisted by many online sellers which is blurring the clear line between the real and not so real which is confusing and unfair to the buyers.

For example: An original oil painting or an original watercolor painting means there is ONLY ONE that has been created by the artist, it is drawn from start to finish by the artist. Everything else, such as giclee (fancy word for print, usually on canvas or board), print, lithographs (ink impression of a plate), serigraphs (Silkscreen), photos etc. are copies. Even any of the above with the original signature of the artist is a copy but more valuable than other copies, especially if numbered and limited to certain count of copies. More importantly; such signed and numbered copies have higher value with a documented provenance.

About us:
As auctioneers and liquidators, in business for over 33 years, we have been selling a rich variety of Fine Arts, Antiques, Estate Jewelry, Ethnographic Art and Artifacts, Collectibles and many other treasures. Majority of items are consigned to us for liquidation and we have priced them as such. The items offered in this shop are just a fraction of authentic fine arts and genuine antiques in our possession to be liquidated.

We inspect all items thoroughly upon arrival in our premises, we research them for authenticity, condition and fair pricing to best of our ability and knowledge. Despite decades of experience, our valued customers shall know that all our statements are just our informed opinion and shall not be considered as warranties or assumption of liabilities. We simply can't know everything but we try everything to give you the best our knowledge.

Our business is based on consignments and we receive goods almost on daily basis but we accept only those we believe to be worth offering to our customers. We opened this online store hoping to offer some of our unique pieces in a simple retail format without the burden of auction bidding. We are open to your ideas and opinions; please let us know how we could serve you better. Only your input can make us better.