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Louis Waitt, Cedar Creek, TX

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Our Service Pledge
I fill all orders as soon as possible,usually in 1 business day.
If I need to order stones then allow 2-3 weeks extra.
For resizing allow 1-3 business days,all resizing is free.
About Us
I am a studio jeweler making custom one of a kind rings.
I have been selling my work since I was 25 yrs old and am now 76!
I live and work in Texas.
All of my work is hand made by me,using gold and silver,occasionally some old iron!
The gem stones I use are all natural or lab grown stones. About 93% of stones on the market by dealers are treated in some way,this is the only they can keep up with the demand. Most are heat treated. When I use stones I state in the listing if it is natural,lab grown or treated. I do not use plastic or glass.
I use sterling silver and in some cases fine silver. My gold is 14k or 18k and is stated in the listings.