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Hello! Welcome to Stidwill's! We are exclusively on-line here at Ruby Lane to continue with our passion for beautiful lamps from the past. My partner and I have collected many decor antiques over the last 45 years, however our largest interest and passion has been antique lamps from the Victorian period thru the Art Deco period (1900-1935). Having a workshop and storage facility close by, my partner, David Jefferson (Jefferson Art Studio), is a museum restorationist, He has authentically restored lighting fixtures for the Smithsonian and the Vatican. If you're looking for something in particular that you don't see in the store, please e-mail me as we may have something that hasn't been listed on our site yet. Our lamps are in very good condition and have been re-wired to authentic standards with cloth cords. For keeping the polychrome finishes beautiful and protected, we suggest polishing now and then with neutral shoe polish. This is a lifelong creative passion and we hope you'll enjoy looking through them as we add new things. We are committed to giving good service and working with you on any problems that may arise. We accept pay pal and checks and just so you know, pay pal also takes credit cards. Thank you for visiting our store! Cate

Jefferson Art Studio
To our highly valued customers:
We have had many requests for lamp shades for floor and table lamps from the 1920`s and early 1930's that have long been destroyed by the ravages of time due to materials they were made from. Lamps, such as Rembrandt, Artlite, Crucet, Miller, Handel, Parker lamps and many lamp companies of the era. Most of these lamp shades were never intended to last the 100 years that has passed since they were created. Jefferson Art Studio has been collecting and authentically restoring antique and vintage lamps for over 50 years and has studied the techniques of how they were produced and now is starting to reproduce these long lost shades. Each shade is hand made as a work of art, as many of theirs were. Some of the shades have pearlene added. Pearlene was a process of attaching small glass beads to fabric or cellulose lamp shades. A style of art from the last century, very few examples survived the test of time. The beauty of these shades is a sparkle unlike any other glass process. A variety of shades and sizes will be made as many lamps took unusual shapes that just aren't made today. Special finishing techniques will be employed to enhance and decorate the beauty of the original Antique/Vintage lamp bases and the light they give off. The historical periods we are reproducing shades for are 1900's to the 1930's as this was the golden age of art lighting and produced some of the most beautiful lamps ever made. We will add these lamp shades on our site marked with the Jefferson Art Studio name. We can also make designs to order. Thank you! David Jefferson

Our lay-away policy:
We offer 3 month lay-away's for any lamp over 600.00, and 4 months for prices over 600.00. We reserve the right to cancel any lay-away that is 4 weeks late in payment. Lay-away's limited to 3 lamps per customer. If you`re buying more than one lamp and get a 10% discount for doing so, it is only on payment being made all at once. There are no discounts on lay-away items. Thanks for your understanding!
Catherine Stidwill
812 Gott St.
Ann Arbor , MI 48103
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