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Eric and Molly Glesmann
Remsen , NY
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Eric and Molly Glesmann have been selling antiques and collectible from their home in Upstate NY for many years with Starr Hill Antiques being in conjunction with Eric's main business, Glesmann Woodworking. There, Eric has had 44 years of of wood artistry, focusing in sympathetic antique restoration and special custom designed furniture. Eric received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the RIT School for American Craftsmen and has since then been designing and building projects from custom kitchens( Shaker to Adirondack High Style) to a wide range of fine furniture using the woods of the area; cherry, tiger maple, ash and walnut, to name a few. He also cuts wood from his own woods and air dries it in his shop. Eric also enjoys the restoration aspect of taking a 200 year old piece of furniture or an old clock and bringing it to back to it's full glory.
Eric has a great extensive interest and knowledge of Adirondack boating history and deals in antique smaller wooden boats(restoration, too)such as canoes, guide boats and decked sailing canoes.
Molly enjoys buying and selling items related to gardening and the Victorian Aesthetic Period plus reading antique related books and magazines.
Eric and Molly Glesmann
On the Hill
NY 13438

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