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About Southern Charm Lighting and More

Our Service Pledge
We will pack (or have items packed professionally) depending upon the item. We try to respond to all orders within 48 hours -- meaning packed and taken for shipping. Some especially fragile or larger items that require special shipping containers may take a slight bit longer, especially if the item has to be professionally packaged, since we are at the mercy of the professional packing company (e.g., UPS Shipping Store) and their time line for action. We guarantee authenticity of all our items, but expect items to be checked out by buyer within a reasonable time (7 days following delivery). We will make every reasonable opportunity to not just satisfy our customers, but to make them super happy!. We want only the highest reviews of our shop, so please let us know if we fall short in any way and we will try to do whatever is required to make you a more than satisfied customer!
About Us
My husband, now retired, and I spent much of our lives collecting unique and beautiful antiques and vintage items. It has been our passion but now we are absolutely overflowing with treasures. We have loved them but now it's time to unload. We have an oversize double garage, a basement, and two-level storage shed and even a sea-land transfer truck storage container (sitting in my back yard) absolutely packed with these items. As you might imagine, our house is also crammed packed as well. We've rotated our treasures into and out of the house over the years and we've enjoyed them, but now it's time for someone else to enjoy.

Before we place a value on our items we research the internet and find similar items that have sold and then subtract 20-40% to establish our price. We want to offer well described items at a much more than fair price. In many cases we may consider reasonable offers on items, but in some cases we've already listed an item at a ridiculous price. As an example, to test the water for our stuff, we listed a vintage movie poster on a Facebook site for $95, then accepted an offer of $85, only to find out later from someone else who was interested in the item that it was worth $500! I have no doubt we have, or soon will have, items listed on our site that are vastly under priced. But by the same token, if you have an interest in something that seems to be overpriced, let us know and make a reasonable offer -- no offense taken. We are serious about selling items and making our lives more simple for our retirement years.

*** As far as contacting me goes, I am more than willing to talk to you over the phone but just didn't feel right posting my phone number. I can't tell you how many "spam" calls I get, and I've even changed phone numbers before to keep them to a minimum. If you would like to call me or for me to call you, let's please arrange it with a message. ***

If you are not a Christian, or even if you believe you are but want something good to read, we strongly suggest, "Muscle and a Shovel," by Michael Shank. Outside the Bible it may be the most important book you've ever read. Feel free to send us comments on it once you've read it. We love to talk about the gospel!

Whether you purchase your treasure from us or some other seller, we wish you happy treasure hunting!