Sophisticated Vintage

Marilyn Klompus, West Palm Beach, FL

Member since 2017

About Sophisticated Vintage

I've been a collector since I could first pick up a shiny stone, an interesting twig, someone’s cast offs that still have potential and charm. I’ve never given that up. Seeing the beauty in objects has informed my love of antiques and vintage ever since.

My shop is a collection of objects from many design aesthetics. I've spent years collecting and buying, as well as selling in some wonderful venues - from Americana Weeks in New Hampshire and New York City, to premier group shops in the mid-Atlantic, and my own brick and mortar and virtual shop. I’ve honed my eye for the wonderful and exceptional. Each object offered has been intentionally selected because there is something compelling about it.

Here you'll find folk art, country, modern, found objects and sophisticated decor, it's all about the mix and what speaks to me and, I hope, you.