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hello and welcome to the sisters yesterdays tomorrows.
i became a huge fan of antique and vintage items 10 years ago helping my family clean out their old farm house that was falling down. i knew nothing and talk about a crash course in antiques and primitives but after over 6 months working on this i was hooked. Of course over the years things get in the way of pursuing this passion. By profession i have been a nurse for more than 30 years and now it is time for me to finally search dig and travel to find the most unique perhaps even unheard of in the area of vintage and antiques especially jewelry that is more my passion. I look forward to sharing this journey with all the others here on ruby lane as i learn more and our customers travel back in time with me.
I have been selling off and on for 10 years on eBay and i worked hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with those who share this wonderful interest but i have found with my sister an outlet here on ruby lane that i believe will be a perfect fit for the special items in my collection , and the artisan jewelry sue is creating. I look forward to continuing to grow and to share this with you all for many years to come.

My sister sue will fill you in more on what makes this yesterdays tomorrows but to give you a hint she is a budding jewelry artisan working in glass and metals and i have found that the broken, damaged, unwearable from yesteryear have a place in her art for tomorrow!

Hello! i'm Sue Dougherty. i wrote a blog post a little bit ago on how I got started in fused glass jewelry. Below is the post. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

How I started down this road.

I became a caregiver to my mom and dad in 2010. I dropped everything and went home to help my parents. They helped me when I was a single mother and helped me with college. I felt that this was an opportunity to attempt to pay back everything they had done for me.

This started out as a hobby.

As time passed, watching the inevitable draw closer was becoming more and more difficult to observe. I had to find something I could do at home because I couldn't leave my remaining parent alone. so the search for a hobby began.

rediscovering my love for glass.

When I was 10, my parents got me interested in stained glass. I loved it. I loved how I was able to create all sorts of designs and that the glass gleamed all the time. We moved upstate a few years later and I forgot my treasure.

One day in 2013, I was surfing the web and saw an advertisement for stained glass. I went to the site and there was a section for fused glass. This intrigued me so I checked it out. I thought the glass was really cool looking and , best of all, I could do this at home! I started out with a microwave kiln, some fusible glass, and started to play. On another surfing trip I saw a DVD called "Extreme Fused Glass Techniques with Tanya Viet" I got the DVD and was amazed with all the ideas and designs she had discovered! Well that was it! I was totally addicted! I bought a small kiln, some more fuseable glass and went at it! That was 2014. a little while later, I started playing with the art of wire wrapping.

Deciding to go into business

In the beginning of 2015, I started thinking about making my hobby into a business. I had quite a bit more to learn to get to the point of being able to sell my art. For example, when I was making the cabochons, the edges were not nice and smooth like I was seeing on other fused glass pieces, so I got a book by Paul Tarlow called "Coldworking Glass Without machines". Even though it takes longer to get the edges of my cabochons really smooth I am glad I have learned how to cold-work by hand for at least 2 reasons. 1, it taught me how the glass feels after each grit I use on the glass and 2, by looking at the scratch marks, I can tell if I can progress to the next grit level or if I have some more sanding to do. Believe it or not, it's also soothing to me! Eventually I will get a lap wheel, I just want the business to pay for it!

When I started to get my cabochons ready to sell, I was not happy with gluing on bails. I do use glue on bails, but I decided I wanted to make my own settings as well for my art. Yes, you guessed it , MORE DVD'S! I am now starting to make my own settings. I still do some wire wrapping but I am really drawn to metalsmithing!

Finding a hobby and transforming it into a business has helped me save my sanity. Reigniting my love of glass has given me a personal outlet I had forgotten was there. It has been one of the better decisions I have made for myself. I now have something that is just for me.

My mom enjoys my pieces as well. she brightens up so much every time I bring a new pendent to show her. I love seeing her smile! Before she became so ill this year, me, my mom and my friend Dominique went to the Bullseye glass store in Mamaroneck, New York. Mom had the same reaction as I did when we walked into the store! (imagine the halalulha chorus ringing in your ears!) She started coming up with all sorts of ideas for my business! unfortunately, she suffered a very bad respiratory infection and it made her very weak. later in the year, she suffered from shingles. she survived it but it left her very frail. I am happy for every moment I have with her.

You know that old saying, "If life gives you lemons, make Lemonade!" I intend to make my lemonade the best in town!

As always, let me know what you think!