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since 2019

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This studio shop was born out of "bare" necessity.

What doll collector has not searched endlessly for a matching pair of Victorian undies, a quality mohair wig, a quality pair of leather shoes or a nice pair of cotton socks to complete a prized antique doll's ensemble? If you have been collecting dolls, even for a short while, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Through Signature Dolls Studio, we plan to offer the doll collecting community our best selling mohair wigs, quality leather shoes, matching cotton undies, 100% cotton socks, and many other fancies suitable for that treasured doll. In other words, we will offer those items that every doll needs!

No more searching through bins and bins hoping to find that one perfect pair of cotton socks. No more borrowing from Peter to give Paul a great wig only to leave Peter longing. No more mismatched undies.

Through our other Ruby Lane shop, Signature Dolls, we will continue to bring you the quality antique dolls, accessories and toys that we have been offering for the past 11 years.

We plan to continue adding quality items as we find them and it is our sincere hope that we become your one-stop-shopping-doll-studio for your every doll need.

~Alicia Carver
Alicia Carver
Sunshine State
FL 32779
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