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About Shop Curated- Art Design + Antiques

SHOP CURATED is an exclusive + select boutique of curated finds for your collection, special project, client, or photoshoot. Our gallery includes an exceptional group of antiques, fine art +decorative items all chosen for their originality and quality. What do we love? Wood sculpture, handcrafted rare and unusual items, Asian classicism, British ceramics, Mid century Modernism, Scandinavian Design, African and Latin Modernist Sculpture, + so much more. We believe in transparency and authenticity research + will share all of this information with you for your records upon sale.

We just love to offer you something unusual and a little out of the way. So come explore the shop...we pack with care and love to take care of you. We do not use massive amounts of packing tape because we believe it causes too much friction and pulling so please unwrap all items with care on a flat stable surface.