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Here's a little about me and how I got started with this business, just in case you have a little time and are interested! I have always loved history and that led to a fascination with antiques at a young age. My husband and I started buying and selling antiques very early on in our marriage, and eventually dragged our three daughters along with us on buying trips and even to some antique shows and flea markets (much to their distress). I discovered the world of doll collecting almost by accident, when I got a call from a lady who had some items she wanted to sell and that turned out to be her only daughter's entire collection of early Vogue Ginny dolls. I found the dolls fascinating, and that led to a lifelong interest and love of collectible dolls. If you are here and still reading this, I'm pretty sure you share this interest. Welcome to my shop, and I hope you find something you love!