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We're back from the show, excited to have LOTS of GREAT inventory to start listing this week! Dolls / Christmas / toys / textiles++

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Hi Everyone, I am currently shipping once per week as I continue to keep fresh inventory in the shop every week, even on a daily basis. Ron and I are blessed to have a wonderful group of loyal customers whom we enjoy buying for and new inventory tends to fly off the shelves very quickly. THANK YOU for your continued patience. Ron does most of the front-end work-planning trips, driving, locating new sources, processing paper, scrapbooks and dolls to make ready for me to list, while I do all the computer work--photography, listing, email, customer interaction, payments, records, packing and shipping. It's a full time job for both of us. I've always been committed to getting your orders out quickly and that's still my goal. Restructuring my time and priorities hopefully will help me get more done, more efficiently. (that's the thought, anyway!) You're welcome to combine orders and wait to pay until you're done shopping.

We've bought several small collections of Schoenhut dolls in a range of conditions and readiness. There's sure to be a doll for the newbie or advanced collector in the group. For the doll costumers, we have some fabulous antique Victorian dresses with frou-frou trims and laces that are ideal candidates for salvage fabric and trims. Overall very good to excellent condition, the silk and cotton is suited to doll clothing and what a great way to re-purpose a textile rather than bury it in a box under the bed. Of course, we have much more Victorian scrap and paper to offer. Never a shortage there! Speaking of textiles, I'll be listing YARDAGE from a 14 yard piece of black and red TURKEY RED fabric with 24" selvedges and remnants of the original labels. I'm crazy about antique "country cotton" / calico fabrics and somewhere in my life time I hope to make some dresses for my beloved Hepzibah out of the old fabric. She's the 30" Andreas Voit paper mache doll with her life history weathered into her worn face which I sometimes use in photos to hold items for sale.

Just a reminder that we rarely leave inventory in our shop longer than 90 days. Generally if inventory hasn't sold after 6-8 weeks we start removing it to make room for fresh inventory. We have an extensive 30 year collection of inventory and we're currently building customized storage units for better organization and safe storage of the paper in particular. We will consider offers on items that have been listed at least 2 weeks. Removed items are usually put with the antique show inventory and gets mixed in very easily, making it difficult to locate. So if you see something you like, don't hesitate to buy. The exception to removal is layaway items are left in a "sale pending" or "sold" status for the duration of the layaway and removed when completed.

Check this section for updates from time to time. We have shows planned for the summer and fall, maybe we'll meet you at one of them. If you're planning to shop Portland Expo antique show in October, we'll be there again. We took a year off show selling to focus on other projects and have a lot of show inventory to process now. What do we sell at shows? The same type of inventory you find in Barndust, only a 30 x 10 booth full of it! We typically don't list salvage scrap in Barndust, so if you're a crafter using antique ephemera in your projects and looking for inexpensive scrap, we have tons of that, as well as all the good Victorian paper, books, prints, etc. that you find in our shop. We'd love to meet you! Email for show details.

If you're a facebook user, send me a friend request (my link can be found in Favorite Links) as I often post links to new inventory and as a friend you'll get immediate updates in your feed. Sometimes I post items for sale directly on my FB page, plus, I post items for sale in the Victorian Paper Marketplace group by Lisa Taft (great group of ephemera collectors!) and if you're a member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past you'll find items I post in the Glow Marketplace for members. If you're a serious Christmas collector, check out the Glow website and become a member. The benefits are beyond description here!

Thanks for taking the time to read the updates and if you ever have any questions don't be bashful, write! I enjoy visiting with you and trying to fill special requests. I have a very busy week ahead, lots of new inventory to ready and list, so I'll get to it!

Hope your summer is off to a great start! Shop and be happy!

All the best,

Debbie and Ron
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