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Our Service Pledge
I provide complete disclosure about the quality and condition of the items I sell. I respond to all inquiries and orders within 24 hours. All sales to ultimate consumers of $500 or more are, on request, accompanied by thorough documentation for insurance coverage, which includes descriptions and photographs. Items are packaged safely and attractively. I work hard to make your entire buying experience with me both educational and highly enjoyable!
About Us
In 1904, my grandfather founded the first jewelry business in Oklahoma City. I grew up in it throughout the 1950s, spending weekends and summer days in my father's old downtown location. I came back to it in 1977, then left in 1990 to start my own business appraising and brokering new and estate jewelry. Over the years, I have become Oklahoma's most trusted gemologist-appraiser, even as the heart of my work continues to be brokering estate jewelry. Working on consignment, I deal in all kinds of jewelry, high, low, and in between, because my clients and customers need that service. I am lucky, too, because handling this kind of diversity is my passion as well.

What this means is that, in my Ruby Lane shop, at any given moment, you will find anything from costume to fine jewelry, simple to grand, very inexpensive to very dear. All metals: base, silver, gold and platinum. Some of it will have issues of condition (ranked on a scale of excellent, very good, good, fair and poor). I go to lengths to describe such features in detail and show them in pictures. While other items will be in nearly pristine condition.

Compared to many large estate jewelry companies, or brokers working in large markets, my approach is more eclectic. I think of myself as a "neighborhood" estate jeweler. Most of all, this is an attitude of service that is very important to me, and so is making sure that my professional resources are up to the job. I love doing research. My trade contacts are extensive, many of them dating back to my boyhood trips to New York City with my dad. My background provides my clients with market and product insight and a wholesale option to sell their jewelry.

When it comes to the private secondary market, I treat buyers the same way as sellers -- with fairness and complete transparency. I price most items at or near the equivalent of current wholesale market price. In this way, my consignors get more than through fast trade liquidation, where their jewelry is being bought for resale; while my buyers usually pay much less than they would for similar estate pieces from retail stores, both traditional and online. It is a narrow niche, sometimes a challenge to occupy, but it benefits everyone involved.

I love estate jewelry. Although I'm scrupulous about revealing any particular item's weaknesses (and certainly its strengths as well), in the end there is not very much of it I don't like. I relish its many forms and colors. I love the stories the pieces tell as they move from miner to maker to seller to buyer to wearer, through all the events they have traveled, and all the memories of triumph and struggle they hold. Holding gemological titles from the Gemological Institute of America and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, I may say that I love the beauty of gemstones.

I love thinking about the concept of value and how markets (people) make it in each piece I handle, so it's not surprising that I've studied it. I hold the Accredited Senior Appraiser designation from the American Society of Appraisers, this country's oldest and largest appraisal society, as well as the Master Gemologist Appraiser certification, also through ASA. When it comes to putting buyers and sellers together, I take take this philosophy from appraising: to merit the trust of those I serve. All this makes what I do a higher calling for me. I hope you share my love of estate jewelry!

What Customers Say About Scott Gordon>

  • Thanks so much Scott! I got my ring today and my jaw dropped it is so beautiful! - Holly N., New York City
  • I received the package as you promised. Thank you very much for everything! You've made my day today! I can't even explain in words how happy am I!!!! Beautiful, beautiful brooch! Your customer service is excellent! I will look forward to follow your offers. Thanks again for the professional way of service! - Lora Kochetkova, CA
  • I just wanted to thank you again for keeping in touch throughout this whole process and really being a pleasure to work and communicate with. The ring is absolutely beautiful and even more stunning in real life. Thank you again so much and I cannot recommend you highly enough! - Danielle, Dallas
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