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About Saatchi & Co.

Our Service Pledge
We stand behind every piece we sell and strive to be accurate in our descriptions and photos. If you ever need more photos, we will be happy to provide them! We respond to all orders within 24 hours and guarantee the authenticity of all our items.
About Us
Over three centuries ago, the Saatchi name began its mission to retail genuine quality jewelry to customers. Now Saatchi & Co. resides in the dazzling diamond district of New York City, and our business expand globally and through the online space while still maintaining the integrity of it original mission. Saatchi & Co. is proud to continue its tradition of providing the best services in providing quality jewels and watches that can bring joy and beauty to any occasion. The combination of our experience, quality, and uniqueness have allowed us to achieve immense customer satisfaction in every transaction. We welcome any customers who need consultations and answers to their questions, and provide repair services for all watches, jewelries, and diamonds.

We are proud to sell some of the most well designed jewelry that can be found. From new and modern brands to unique vintage pieces with their own history, we have the expertise to provide an all-encompassing purchasing experience. We also buy previously loved jewelry, a service we provide with as much care as every other facet of our business.
Saatchi and Co.
45 West 47 Street Window #1
New York
NY 10036
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