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We endeavour to respond to all orders within 24 hours, however illness, travel or life-events may sometimes prevent us from doing so, in which case we will respond as soon as possible.
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About Us
The Moroccan handcraft industry is one of the main engines of the Moroccan economy. Handicraft workshops of every kind are widespread in the Kingdom of Morocco and skilled artisans implement many techniques, tools (some almost as ancient as the craft itself) and materials. The Moroccan craftsmen usually have an undeniable artistry and impeccable expertise, however supply remains a matter for specialists.

It is the mission of Rugs & Leather - Moroccan Sunset to provide our customers with high quality handcrafted products from the Kingdom of Morocco that fulfill their wants and needs at the right price and with great customer service. We view ourselves as partners with our suppliers, our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.

The natural and handmade nature of our product lines reflects Rugs & Leather - Moroccan Sunset's belief that the things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose. They should help us connect to the world around us.

Our Moroccan suppliers are our friends and extended family.

Our specialty listings on Ruby Lane are hand knotted and hand loomed vintage rugs.


We feature an extensive selection of GENUINE, VINTAGE BERBER hand knotted and woven RUGS, hand loomed TEXTILES, handcrafted LEATHER GOODS and more to create an exotic touch of Moroccan style to any home.

MOROCCAN TRIBAL RUGS: Ait Oughrda; Ahknif; Azilal; Beni M'rirt; Beni M'guild; Beni M'tir; Beni Ouarain; Boucherouite; Boujaad; Cactus (Sabra Silk); Chichaoua; Glawa; Handira; Marmoucha; Ourika; Talsint; Zayane; Zemmour

We source our rugs from skilled artisan weavers in the Mid to High Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco. Ayoub, my partner, is from the Mid-Atlas town of Boujaad. He speaks the Berber language as well as Arabic. He spends the majority of any given year deep in Berber territory, buying direct from weavers and at small village markets. He travels throughout the different regions to buy beautiful rugs from various tribes. None of our rugs were originally made for commercial gain and have been used by the weavers and their families for at least 20 years before reaching the market. We specialize in genuine vintage rugs and do not have rugs made-to-order. This makes our job both exciting and challenging! We source only genuine rural Moroccan carpets.

As original carpets were not traded or collected in Europe until the 1950's they were mostly only known and used in the places they were woven. Old pieces that no longer fulfilled their function were rarely preserved, so in reality there is a limited supply of original old pieces in Morocco, and many of the museum quality pieces are now in private or public collections. There are not many excellent examples from before the 1940's.

The way in which these carpets were woven made them easily adaptable to any climate: In the mountainous regions, they are woven with a high pile and are more loosely knotted to give protection against the cold. In warmer climes a lower pile and a finer weave is used because these carpets are used mainly for sitting on and floor coverings. Ayoub is able to buy direct from the women who wove the carpets, or their families, and pay them the best price. This ensures it goes direct to them and does not pass through an intermediary, who pay these families very little.

Our Morocco showroom is in the heart of the Medina, Marrakech from where we ship direct to you.

Some of our rugs are located in Raglan, New Zealand. Those rugs will be shipped via NZ Post International Express.

All of our rugs are washed and dried prior to shipping. Any necessary repairs are attended to at this time as well.

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