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Lyn Tortoriello
Washington, DC , MD
You Can Be Confident That All Bakelite is Vintage & Original. Never a Fake or Reworked Piece.

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2006

Specializing in Authentic Vintage Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite & Other Vintage Plastic Jewelry


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You can be confident that anything you buy from Room4More will be authentic. You will never see a reproduction of any kind. All Bakelite was made in the proper time period that being the 30s to 40s. Never a fake, reproduction, or reworked piece. I DO NOT SELL FAKES OR REPRODUCTIONS.

I add Bakelite bangles and other Bakelite pieces weekly. If you check the Subscribe button you will be notified by Ruby Lane automatically as soon as additions arrive.

Room 4 More will happily answer any questions and will do so within 24 hrs.

Visit Room 4 More for more top quality vintage Bakelite and fun early plastics!!!
About Us
Whether a carved Bakelite bangle bracelet, a Bakelite pin or necklace this is the source for genuine Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite, and other vintage plastic jewelry. Everything for sale is vintage. That means made at the appropriate time period i.e. Bakelite is from the 30s & 40s , plain Bakelite spacers can go into the 50s, and Lucite can go into the 60s-80s.

If the influx of barrels of newly made Asian & Indian fakes has you hesitant, rest assured you will never see a piece of that in my shop. Only vintage Bakelite is sold at Room 4 More. Shopping at Room 4 More is not like walking through a minefield. The plastic is what is stated, no guesses, no incorrect identifications. I DO NOT SELL FAKES OR REPRODUCTIONS.

Now in my 14th year on Ruby Lane I have the pleasure of enjoying Bakelite and vintage plastics with friends and buyers all over the world.

I co-authored and photographed the book called "Plastic Bangles". (Schiffer 2005) which has been very well received in the US and Europe. It covers every material from celluloid & Bakelite to vintage Lucite. There's thousands of bangles pictured and tons of helpful information about identifying one plastic from another. In 2008 I co-authored and photographed a second book called "Bakelite:The Art of the Carver". It is packed with photos of the most fabulously carved Bakelite pieces from singles to complete sets.

So browse through the shop with confidence and know that what you see is authentic and sold by someone who wants your collection to be as cherished as theirs.
Lyn Tortoriello
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Washington, DC
MD 20910

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