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About Us
My romance with dolls began when I was six years old. I refused to sit in my chair on the opening day of first grade until my mother bought me a Toni doll.

I can still envision the towering, multi-tiered, wedding-cake-like stand in Grants Department Store overflowing with Toni dolls of varying sizes. All were arrayed in luscious outfits, while their myriad hair colors glistened in light. I chose the raven haired P-91 Toni doll dressed in yellow satin. I then settled into first grade.

I still enjoy the romance of dolls.

The romance has allowed me to travel the East Coast and participate in doll shows. Not only have I been given opportunities to learn more about dolls, but I have also been able to meet other doll aficionados who share the romance. As a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, I am also afforded opportunities for further study and friendships. I mainly sell antique and collectible dolls, clothing, and accessories. Among my favorites are cloth dolls, Barbies, wooden dolls, and multi-cultural dolls.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my shop! May you delight in the romance! Please visit often!

Kathleen Tornikoski
99 Marshall Road
MA 01420

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