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Ruby Lane, San Francisco CA

Items recorded as identified in the What's This? Shop are moved here, to serve as a free archival tool for all open shops

Member since 2006

Archives of Past What's This? Shop Item Inquiries

About The RL What Was This? Shop

Welcome to the What Was This? shop! This is the archive version of the What's This? shop, both of which are designed to serve as a tool for shop owners who need help in accurately identifying an item before placing it for sale in their Ruby Lane shop. If you're not sure about the maker, the age or any other aspect of an item's identification, you can use this tool to list the item in the What's This shop and ask the hundreds of fellow Ruby Lane shop owners, many of whom have years, if not decades of experience, who may be able to help you to identify it. This service is free to all currently open Ruby Lane shops. To read about the What's This shop or how to post an item there for identification feedback, go to What Was This: An Archive Tool Items identified by other shop owners in the What's This? shop are automatically moved here, into the What Was This? shop, along with all accompanying shop feedback. Identified items remain here indefinitely. The What Was This? shop is designed to serve as an archive resource for shops to refer to before they list an item in the What's This? shop, to determine whether a similar item has already been listed and successfully identified. Fully Searchable The What Was This shop is fully searchable using the Ruby Lane Search tool which functions exactly as if you were searching within any individual Ruby Lane shop. Non-Editable Items in the What Was This shop may not be edited. What Happens To My Item If I Remove It from the Backroom of my shop? The item will remain in the What's This or What Was This shops even if removed from your Backroom. Ruby Lane Does Not Determine Identity It should be noted that Ruby Lane does not monitor the What's This shop to determine whether an identification by a shop owner is, or is not correct. It is up to fellow shop owners to agree or disagree with another shop's assessment, and ultimately up to the shop owner who has posted the item to determine whether to use a shop's feedback. This same guideline applies to the What Was This shop: If you find an item in the What Was This archive that appears to have been identified, it is up to you, the shop owner to read all accompanying comments thoroughly, and decide for yourself what information shall be used.