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About Ride On Gems

Hi I'm Jen the owner of Ride On Gems. Thank you for checking out our page. I hope you like what you see. If you have any questions, special requests, feel free to drop me an email 24/7.
I'm an inspiring jewelry artist. With a background in some of the best restaurants and bars in vegas. Mixing drinks, serving you dinner, planning your company Christmas party, working with you after you just walked down the aisle, or being your number one waitress that won't let your food get messed up or they just loved my girl next door attitude or look.. who knows. But over the past 3 years and after the Virus I found my passion, what I love to do now. After 20 yrs never being able to answer that question "What do you want to be when you grow up Jen?" I answer "Shh, I don't know are we even grown up yet?" I didn't know. I hated when someone would ask "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or I got older and I work with college students just working to pay for college. They always ask me what are you going to do after being a waitress? I never knew, I loved waitressing, no I didn't love picking up the plates and hours. I did love the customers and designing events and just making someone smile and happy. They say after 40, you start feeling your age. Boy they were not lying.
I found my Gem** I love to clean, fix, restore antique, vintage and costume jewelry. I had been dealing with "life." And boy did life give me a ride for my money LITERALLY! The only thing calmed and relaxed me, when I was so stressed ready to give up on everything I worked for just went completely wrong. I was so depressed. But a bucket of jewelry from the estate auction or every time my man brings me a bag of jewelry he just traded art or antiques for. That's what got me back into making jewelry and my "Gem.**" What I wanted to do or be.
When I start cleaning jewelry it takes all those worries I have. They all disappear and I'm relaxed, thinking about whose grandma wore this necklace when it was WWII. Or I got this bucket of jewelry that was all the things couples from war era who her husband was fighting in the war but sending her sweet-heart gifts.
That's how I started collecting Gems** I invested a lot of time into a huge collection. Then one day when we were moving from Las Vegas to San Diego. Where I planned on starting to let go of all those Gems I lived too much to get rid of. But I was getting everything together to start my new career. My new job is starting March 25th 2022. MY Jewelry business selling all the Gems I had collected, all my memories of the Gems** My boyfriend gave me as gifts or for me to start my new career or just for something to make me happy at these tough times.
Well, that never happened; everything we had collected, invested in was gone. It got stolen in the U-Haul we left in a casino employee parking lot, with cameras and don't worry the security is always in that parking lot. We lost not just my jewelry collect, but all the art my boyfriend had been collecting. That was our life. Imagine an antique store with the best antiques, art and jewelry times two. That was our house. Picasso, Marilyn Monroe's last signature before she died, Andy Warhol art mirrors, my dad's ashes, Two Butter Jade Statue 75 lb Elephants. EVERYTHING gone. My old website that I don't have anymore, due to financial troubles
was Ridin On The Gems. Yep we were planning on Riding on those Gems.
So, I'm trying again. I'm still going to not give up on what I live and Ride On, with the start of Ride On Gems.
**Gems: Anything that's dear to your heart.
Jen Howser
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