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Featuring Renaissance Revival and Gothic Revival Antiques for your home


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We strive to bring the finest in Renaissance Revival and Gothic Revival Antiques to your home and a reasonable price.
About Us
Revival House Antiques was founded in 2015 by owner, Bob Hurley to help bring quality antiques and design to our clients. We specialize in Renaissance Revival and Gothic Revival styles, blending these to bring you a royal and elegant feel. Have you always wanted your own suit of armor, or hand-carved furniture piece from the 17th, 18th, or 19th centuries? We can help you find just the right piece for your home, whether you buy from our current online inventory, or take advantage of our design service, where we find just the right piece for you. Please review our Image Gallery for photos of pieces within rooms. We will be adding individual pieces to our e-Commerce site with pricing over time. All pieces will include FREE shipping. See our Terms and Conditions for an explanation of these services.

Bob loves design, elegance, and old-world feel. His fascination with knights and armor goes back to his childhood, and his love of art was inspired by his mother, an artist in oils, from his earliest upbringing. Art education has always been important to him, and he has always had an appreciation for painting and sculpture. He is a member of the Art Institute of Chicago and has toured many museums around the world including the Louvre, National Portrait Gallery in London, The Prado in Madrid, and The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney as well as many others. He has loved touring the old castles and palaces of Europe and wanted to bring that feel to his own home. Searching furniture stores and online destinations to find unique pieces has been challenging at best and often disappointing. Contemporary furniture may offer comfort, but seldom offers the hand-made look and feel of a true antique. Finding antique furniture online can be just as challenging since most high-end designers charge prices in the $10,000-$100,000 range for a single piece. Bob has scoured shops and auctions to find great pieces at reasonable prices, and when you purchase one of his pieces, you will know that you are likely getting a one-of-a-kind. Much of the initial inventory has come from Bob's own home. These are pieces that he has loved well enough to decorate his castle with, and which he is sure you will love as well. He continues to search for just the right pieces for his home and for his clients' homes and continually adds to the collection of beautiful offerings.

In 2013 Bob's home was featured in a charity housewalk for the neighborhood Service League. After being approached by several neighbors and asked to use his home for the event, he consented. Little did he know this odyssey would turn into a design path to decorate his home to be the castle that he always wanted.

If you are looking for the castle feel, or want to find just the right dining table, server, cabinet, or carved antique trunk, look at our pages of available pieces and then give us a call to arrange purchase or to let us find the right pieces for your home.