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I grew up in a NY brownstone as part of 3 generations of family, our stories - and artifacts. Surrounded by gaslight era architecture, and furnishings that spanned the Depression Era through the Mid Century, I learned very early to appreciate antiques and vintage items. As a youth, on rainy days I loved to go "exploring" - from the attic, (where I found antique jewelry that is featured in the shop), to the old coal cellar. Through the years, other items have came to me through family and friends. Many of these I know by their stories, told to me as a child, or I have "first person" knowledge of. Others were bought from estate collections, rummage sales, or antique shops and shows. Some of each are included in this shop. I continue to discover, find, and buy new (OLD) treasures, research them, and (in the case of fine jewelry) have them professionally inspected and/or appraised. Important detailed information is included in each listing.

Vintage, and antique items in this shop were well cared for and most are in excellent to very good vintage condition. They range from old/unused and rarely used, to old/well used or oxidized/distressed, and a rare few can be considered "shabby chic". Most that have been used show reasonable degrees of wear for vintage items. With the same amount of reasonable care, they can provide many more years of enjoyment and use. Quality vintage products were well made and expected to last - and they continue to do so. Part of the appeal of choosing to buy vintage is knowing that these items will continue to last - longer than most mass produced items of today.

If you have questions about any items, please feel free to contact me and I will provide as much helpful information as possible.

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