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Kelli Willingham, Deerfield MA

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About Redbud Creek

Our Service Pledge
Redbud Creek is committed to excellence. Every item offered has been researched and identified to the best of our ability and is presented with utmost honesty. If you discover any item at Redbud Creek to be incorrectly listed, please share your documented, verifiable information. If deemed accurate, we will immediately re-list the item accordingly. For your assistance in helping Redbud Creek maintain the highest degree of integrity, a 10% discount will gratefully be offered towards your purchase of any single item in our shop.
About Us
Redbud Creek began years ago with one small piece of matte white pottery found in a thrift store- a gentle little curved vase, a sculpture really, itself a flower. Although seemingly plain, the glaze appeared so rich and so smooth there was nothing but to reach to hold it, to feel the remarkable finish, turn it over and scrutinize the unusual markings scratched into the bare clay bottom. Two capital letter A's, back to back, were etched inside a small square. Beneath this marking, finely drawn by the potter's hand, was written 'Van Briggle, Colo. Springs, Co. 1902'.

Upon researching the incredible story Artus and Anna Van Briggle, and learning of the indelible impact their pottery had upon American art, a passion was born that flowed into appreciation for the craftsmanship, integrity and even whimsy found in antique and vintage treasures of all kinds. This new passion rekindled a forgotten, perhaps mislaid, connection to heritage, to lives long gone but now imagined or remembered through fascinating objects once created by desire or necessity, for function or pleasure or both, and it connected me to the past in a deeply meaningful way.

Porcelain and pottery, glassware and crystal- for the tabletop, curio cabinet, powder room, porch or kitchen cupboard were included in my quest to search and research. Vintage lamps became a favorite must, and hey, while I was out there rummaging in odd shops and digging through cardboard boxes at tag sales rain or shine, I discovered how vintage of any sort made the present day remarkable. Drawn to items made with beauty, cleverness and sometimes just wonderfully silly, I began collecting, kept collecting, will get out there tomorrow no doubt and collect some more, always looking for that perfect something that for reasons unfathomable was forgotten, underestimated and actually survived through years and years of who knows what!

I do hope you have a wonderful time in my Ruby Lane shop. I offer each item with pride and hope your own 'finds' at Redbud Creek will bring great pleasure to your home, to your friends and family, and most especially, to you.

-Kelli Willingham, Redbud Creek