Caroline Aubry, Stoneham, QC, Canada

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My first goal in opening Rapunzel's was to offer Ruby Lane shoppers the chance to find a great selection of hair ornaments and vintage jewelry in a single shop. I want jewelry and especially hair jewelry lovers to be able to easily browse through a selection of items coming from around the globe and from as many cultures as well as time periods as possible.
Buying, collecting and wearing antique and vintage hair ornaments and jewelry is for me a way to honor the generations of women that came before mine. I am in awe of all that they've accomplished. So many liberties and opportunities that we women enjoy today is the direct result of the work and struggles of the preceding generations of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. What better way to remember and honor them than by proudly wearing their hair ornaments and jewelry? It also reminds us that strength and beauty are certainly not mutually exclusive.
As a trained anthropologist and linguist, I've developed a taste for traveling to exotic places. This allowed me to come into contact with different kinds of craftmanship and had to challenge some of my preconceived notions about art and beauty. In this shop, I'll try to introduce shoppers to other cultures through their jewelry and hair ornaments. I hope you will enjoy the journey!

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Caroline Aubry
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Stoneham, QC, Canada
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