Brad Waters, Los Angeles CA

Province specializes in vintage Nordic, Farmhouse, Midcentury and Industrial Design.

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Vintage Nordic, Farmhouse, & Industrial Design. Mid-Century Decor. Curiosities & Fine Art.


About Province

Our Service Pledge
Province is a small vintage shop that proudly curates beautiful objects with story and purpose. We guarantee the authenticity of our items and accuracy in our listings. We know customers have many retail options and we're so grateful for each and every customer who decides to shop with us. We owe it to them to provide fast and friendly service, responding to inquiries in less than 24 hours (usually far less!). To learn more about us and see our latest acquisitions, follow us on Instagram at ProvinceVintage.
About Us
Province was founded in Chicago in 2014 after over a decade of selling vintage and antiques online. A year later we relocated to Los Angeles and expanded our inventory. We've now been selling antiques and vintage around the globe for nearly 20 years and have a continuously expanding inventory of curious and iconic hand-picked objects. We specialize in vintage Nordic/Scandinavian Design, Farmhouse and Industrial objects, Mid-Century Decor, Curiosities, Fine Art, and small Furniture.