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My parents got me started collecting Persian Rugs when we lived in Iran in the 70's-80's while my Dad worked as a Geologist for the oil companies there. Since then, my family has collected them like people collect art. Now, I bring their beauty and quality at incredibly low prices to the people of the Front Range!

They truly are works of art as each one was woven by hand in a village or city in Iran by master weavers and often from memory back when the cost of such work was much less. Today, Iran still produces exquisite rugs but the knot count (kpsi) is much lower. I don't sell many new ones, as it's the history, the quality materials and craftsmanship used in the old days that makes them so impressive and valuable. They are All made of 100% Wool with Vegetable Dyes or Wool with Synthetic Dyes (introduced in 1875 to Persian weavers looking for substitutes to the corrosive dyes they used to create black and some other colors). Their wool is some of strongest in the world and rugs from certain famous rug weaving regions have the most luxurious thick piles and a gorgeous sheen to them like nothing else you've ever seen.

Once you own a Persian rug you'll never settle for less!