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Port DiwaDayle is the culmination of many years of travel and work abroad. Items are from Thailand, where I lived from 1992-1999, Vietnam (1999-2003 and 2006-2008), and Burma (2003-2006). Also represented are countries where I traveled to. Of course, I always managed to pick up an item or two. The name of the shop is a combination of the names of my two daughters, Diwa Rae and Mithi Dayle. They have grown up around these items and, to my joy, both have an interest in these items and the past which they represent. You will find items related to local religions, astrology and divination. There are carvings which are parts of a whole and pieces in their own right. There are textiles and you will note my preference for those which are populated with people and stories. I published a book in 2004, Vietnam Vintage, which showcased the items I found in Vietnam. When time permits, I would like to do a similar book on Thailand and Burma. My wife, Evangeline, has been very important in putting together this collection which spans over 20 years. She has been my chief negotiator as, I must admit, this is not my particular strength. The initial items on this site are mainly from Southeast Asia. However, I have lived and worked in Iraq and Afghanistan so expect to see items from these areas in the near future. I have a range of items and my personal favorites are illustrated manuscripts and wood carvings, This site is a means for me to work on a hobby that is quite important to me and, hopefully, others out there will see items which appeal to them. The items on this site are now in the Philippines, the home of my wife. We make our home in Baguio City, a place in the mountains and a locale of astounding beauty. I am from the U.S. (Raleigh, North Carolina) but have spent the better part of my life abroad. I look forward to meeting you through this site and welcome your questions and comments. And, of course, I hope that you will find that "must have" item on Port DiwaDayle. I am sure that it will bring as much pleasure to you as it has to me over the years.

If an item interests you and you wish to purchase or would like more information, please contact me for shipping/insurance options as these items are in the Philippines (Email: Email Shop Tel:+63 998 955 0955 Skype: wmitch1952).

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