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M Kahana
Beachwood , OH
PLEASE contact me if interested in one of my items, or if you are searching for a SPECIFIC item and/or artist.
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since 2017

Antique Limoges, American Belleek, Austrian, and Vienna Works of Art

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Please rest assured that you will only find LEGITIMATE ANTIQUE "works of art" on my site! I will TRY to respond to all questions and/or orders within 48 hours.
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I have been away from my shop for several years...but, now my children are older, and I can rededicate myself to my love of ANTIQUE PORCELAIN.

You will find lovely and rare porcelain "works of art" on my site. I ONLY sell undamaged pieces (pre-firing issues -- such as kiln particle spots or peppering, pre-glaze chips, and glaze skips -- are exceptions to this rule, as they are done during the original creation process). I will PHOTOGRAPH and Document any piece I have up for sale, so you can examine it. PLEASE note, ALL my items are sold in ANTIQUE condition....please examine all pictures, and feel free to ask for additional close ups if you have any concerns. I aim to make your shopping experience pleasant and satisfying.

Regarding cleaning of antiques -- I minimally clean the pieces I sell, to avoid unintentional damage to a precious fragile piece. At most, I will rinse them with gentle diluted dish soap, and dry with a clean white cotton cloth. I securely bubble wrap, and triple box (small items, and double box large items) for shipment. If, I happen to come across a magnificently executed piece, but find minimal damage, I will put it on display for the aesthetic appreciation. I will only consider offers on such a piece if you contact me directly.

Please rest assured that you will only find LEGITIMATE ANTIQUE "works of art" on my site! Porcelain Painting of the quality that is represented by turn-of-the-century (1890-1929) artists no longer exists today. Recently, I visited the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, and saw several beautiful items similar to my collection on display. Please take advantage of the ability to acquire such a piece now...they are getting rarer, and their value is increasing daily.

I look forward to hearing from you...enjoy my collection. :)

M Kahana
M Kahana
CLEVELAND AREA -- Address given upon request
OH 44122

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