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Amelia Wood
Fort Worth , TX
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since 2013

Beautiful jewelry from the quirky to the extravagant!


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I respond to all questions and orders within 24 hours. Authenticity, including tests for gold and silver content if applicable, are guaranteed on all of my items.
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I sell jewelry that runs from Georgian cut steel to 1980s couture. Although there isn't really a set style that I adhere to, I like certain designs and materials such as celluloid, cut steel, unique cameos, interesting lockets, Victorian earrings, Czechoslovakian pieces, anything that features snakes or insects, and micro mosaics. On occasion I also sell high quality smalls and accessories that are normally associated with jewelry. I am always buying new items, so please check back for recent arrivals at least once a week.
Amelia Wood
4517 Merida Ave.
Fort Worth
TX 76115

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