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Antiques, Decorative Items, and Fine Art for everyone- from the new collector to the connoisseur

About Pia's Antique Gallery

Our Service Pledge
We treat our clients as family, evidenced by the fact that for over 50 years, we have had many repeat customers. Our reputation is most important and customer satisfaction is our goal. We stand behind every item we sell and never buy anything that we would not be proud to own.

Please understand that every item we offer will be in the best original and or restored condition possible because of our exhaustive attention to detail. We examine each and every piece we buy and sell in order to present it in its best original condition. Unlike purchasing at random auctions or sales, you can be assured at Pia's that you are getting the best piece, in the best possible condition, for your investment. We spend a huge amount of time and expense to insure this. We use top notch professional restorers that we trust and have worked with for years because Antiques rarely come to us perfect. This is a service that you can not hope to get buying from other places who don't care what happens to a piece after it is sold. We pride ourselves on this and hope our clients realize the love, effort, and expense we put into this endeavor.

We consider a purchase order your pledge to purchase. If you do not intend to follow through, DO NOT execute a purchase order. If you cannot follow through with your purchase order, extend the courtesy of letting us know in a timely manner. WE WILL HONOR ORDERS FOR 3 BUSINESS DAYS ONLY. If we cannot establish contact with you in that three day time period, we will assume you are no longer interested in the purchase and return the merchandise to inventory.

***Repeat purchase orders without completion will result in being blocked from our store.

We urge you to ask questions about a potential purchase and about shipping costs before you put in an order if not quoted in the description. Since we ship most items either out of state or out of country, shipping costs will apply. As a courtesy on larger items that we sell, we will be happy to estimate and even obtain shipping quotes for you, however, if you are just curious, we will be happy to supply you with a list of shippers.

***Shipping: We often ship delicate, expensive, and very breakable items. If the items are small, we like to pack them ourselves because we will take the extra care to pack them safely. Because of this, there might be a delay in shipping your item of up to one week in order to obtain the correct shipping materials. Our policy is "better safe than sorry." We ask that you be patient, but if you want expedited service, please tell us on the front end and we'll try to comply.

Many clients have requested that we hold an item. We will place a courtesy hold on an item for 3 days only.
About Us
Pia’s Antique Gallery is a family owned business that has flourished in the same location (1800-1802 8th Ave. S., Nashville, TN) since its founding 50 years ago. The company is now run by Pia Stratton, the daughter of the founder Duina Zacchini, who passed on all her knowledge and love of antiques.

Duina Zacchini grew up in Paris, France and came to the U.S. with her family in the 1930’s. After a very successful and vigorous career in show business, she decided to settle in Nashville, but sawdust and wanderlust still ran in her veins. This energetic go-getter got married, had a family, and started the antique shop after her children were in school. Through hard work and determination she expanded her business to include 10,000 square feet of retail space, something many women didn't do 50 years ago. She hand-picked all of the merchandise herself, many times traveling thousands of miles on her own to find those special pieces.

I often accompanied my mom on these searches, sometimes reluctantly, but inevitably in my late teenage years I got “hooked.” I have been blissfully “hooked” ever since. When I took over the business 15 years ago, even though I still keep an open shop, selling on the Internet became my priority. Our beliefs are the same; we still hand-pick every item. No container loads, no random shipments, every item meets our strict approval for quality. We try to present our merchandise in the best original condition possible, thanks to the array of talented restorers who have become like family to us over the years. We are passionate about our customers and what we offer for sale; we want you back and we want you to love your purchases as much as we did. What it’s really all about for us is that we get to own these very special things for a little while, admire their beauty and history, and then pass them on for someone else to enjoy. What better way to quench our constant thirst for beautiful objects and to explore the ever-expanding breadth of knowledge and history that they represent?

So - welcome to our shop, whether you visit on-line or walk in our door. We love browsers because we know that you might get “hooked" one day too! We are willing to pass on what we know, so please, don't hesitate to ask questions. On the other hand, if you have something to teach us, we're always willing to learn. We learn something new everyday and we are never too proud to say "we don't know!"

Please enjoy our wonderful pictures, the handiwork of my extraordinary technicians and managers, Johnny and Bari. You can also visit us in the heart of Music City-- Interstate 65, Wedgewood Exit, one block to 8th Avenue, one block to our shop. Please note our new hours:

Open: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Open: Wednesday by appointment only
Open: Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Closed: Monday and Sunday

Please call 615-251-4721.

Last of all but most important! ***In remembrance of my MOM, Duina Zacchini Norman, who sadly passed away December 13, 2006*** We will always honor her as the founding matriarch of Pia's Antique Gallery, but more importantly for the astounding accomplishments throughout her life. Known as the "Ballerina of the Air" Duina Zacchini Norman was part of a famed circus family. She was an unsurpassed acrobat and trapeze artist, but will best be remembered as the first female human cannonball. Her performances wowed audiences in the heyday of the esteemed Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, where the death-defying act, created by her father Edmundo Zacchini, closed the show. She spoke five languages fluently, appeared in several Hollywood movies, and had a zest for life that few people will ever attain. The influence on her family can never be measured, but suffice it to say, she was a force of nature. We all miss her in so many ways, and we wish the world to know just how lucky we were to have had her.