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About Phoenix Jewelry

Welcome to Phoenix Jewelry store.
We are offering individually selected antique and collectible vintage jewelry here.
My wife has always liked jewelry, antique and vintage in particular.
She was buying pieces of jewelry for many years and developed experience and knowledge and piled up a large collection of antique and vintage jewelry.
She wears her earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches with pleasure, in seek of my compliments. I have been trying to serve her well in that matter.
My head started spinning, though, as there are so many pieces. Besides, she has only two ears, one neck, and ten fingers. The time has come to share her treasures and expertise with the world.
For a few years we have been selling antique and vintage jewelry on other Internet sites successfully.
We would like to expand our business on Ruby Lane.

I hope you enjoy our collection and find your treasure.
Leonid Gulko
Full address will be supplied on request
Please use email, PA 19115-1315

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