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Stephen Hartley
Amherst , NH
A place where the past finds a home and love....... we offer fine Antiques, Art ,Vintage and Estate Jewelry
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since 2019

Finding treasures from around the world.


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We respond to all orders within 24 hours and guarantee the authentication of all items whenever possible.
About Us
Pendle Hill .... A famous hill in Lancashire England a place full of mystery and intrigue, a place where the past and its history is present around every corner and bend.
Here at Pendle Hill we dedicate our love of beauty to finding that perfect piece for you and offering it at very reasonable prices... be it Georgian Silver from England or that one of a kind Jewelry that you are looking for..
Previously traded on Ruby Lane successfully over a number of years as Pendle Hill Antiques we are back with a more diverse inventory that will want you to return time and time again.
I still have the same passion for Sterling silver but have discovered my love for the Victorian era especially Art so look out for that now, we now have a Master Jeweler on board with over 35 years experience to take our Jewelry items to a new level.
Shop with Pendle Hill with the knowledge that you our customers are the most important and this will always be reflected in our sales and service.
Please do hesitate to contact me about any item or for a just a chat about the past!!
Stephen Hartley
Sycamore Court
NH 03031

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