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My name is Susan. My mom was Pearl. I received my very first Madame Alexander doll for my first birthday in 1963. I collected throughout my childhood. Then, 21 years ago, I bought my very first 1950's vintage Madame Alexander doll. My main concentration is on the Madame Alexander Cissy doll. My dolls have been published online on several occasions. Also they are being currently used on a doll identification site, under the name Pearlsgrl. I’ve had experience selling on eBay under the same name since 1999.
My dolls are featured in Kiley Ruwe Shaw’s “ Cissy! Reference, Rarities, and Restoration” as well as Kiley’s “ Elise Files” book.

First and foremost, I am a collector. Dolls are my passion. I sell in order to collect. As a seller, I make great effort to examine each doll with care, and give accurate, detailed descriptions of exactly what I am selling. I take the guess work out of buying dolls on eBay or other online venues. If the doll has any issue, I will see it, and disclose it. I don't sweep flaws under the rug. I will never be a good salesperson because I’m here for the fun of it. :) I guarantee everything I sell to be as described 100 percent of the time.
I sincerely hope you enjoy shopping in my store.
Susan Wells Roberts
Wilmington North Carolina
NC 28409

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