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I have been a doll lover since I was a little girl. My parents introduced me to dolls with my first Madame Alexander doll. When I started my own family of 3 daughters I continued the collection of Madame Alexander dolls for them. While visiting a sister-in-law in Arizona who made porcelain dolls, I made my first 3 dolls while I was there and fell in love with making them. I came home and sold my Madame Alexander collection and now I have been making porcelain dolls by hand for the past 36 years, from pouring molds to painting on features. What I am known for are my miniatures, which are dolls all under eight inches tall. The dolls start out liquid porcelain, which is poured into a mold, then removed and fired in a kiln. I china paint each doll at least four times with kiln firings in between which helps me build detail on the doll face. I want to be known for my painting. My goal is to educate people on what makes a "pretty " doll. I carve my name and date into the back of each doll I make. I travel to an average of 8 shows a year. I teach classes on costuming at many of the shows. My love is collecting antique dolls of the reproductions that I make. I admire the talent of the doll makers from over 100 years ago. The challenge is trying to make my reproduction as much like the antique as possible.
I am a member of UFDC and NAME.
Pat Boldt
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