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About Pam Miller Interiors and Antiques

About me, I have been in antiques stores from the age of five (5). My parents had a small antique shop that was attached to an old but working fire station. Across the street was a drug store that had a soda fountain, a large comic book section (not I have none of them sadly) and all other things one would find in a drug store in the 50's. We went to flea markets every week end as well as auctions. They have both passed away and we are still sorting and selling. Everything from hardware to primitive and/or finer antiques. A true collection of years of collecting.

I opened an antique store in the early 80's and in the mid 80's I opened a ladies boutique that was attached by double doors to the antique store. I was there for 6 years but when my grand daughter at 4 had to have open heart surgery I closed the stores to help take care of her. Most of the inventory came home and as a result of that I have many new old stock items.

I also have been featured in Alter Couture International magazine for my hand work with altering clothes. You will not get to see them here as Rubylane only allows artisan jewelry not clothing. I do however, have made jewelry which will be featured here. I have done staging to real estate agents, staging my own real estate sales, parade home, as well as newspaper articles.

I have an ever moving inventory as I sell in other places as well. Some of the items listed here are cross listed or in other shops here in Nashville Tn

I look forward to making friends and doing business with you.