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About Us
2011 has started off a bit slowly for me....I know many of you have been 'looking' for me so I thought I would fill you in. Two of our girls traditionally come up in January for a belated Christmas season as they did this year. When the last one was finally shoveled out from under all the snow and sent careening off the mountain last week, I was anticipating jumping back into work with both feet. But alas, it was not to be....for the little petri dish that is my adorable 20 month old grandson left Nana with a head and chest cold whose descriptive words are not fit for such a reputable site as Ruby Lane! After a week and a half, I daresay that I am better but far from healed....still optimistic that I will soon be fit to wear more than my jams while curled up in the corner of this sofa....coughing, sneezing and moaning! I'm not very good at being sick! :)
Thank you all for your inquiries, and I hope to be back at creating real soon.

As I approach my fifth anniversary on Ruby Lane, Iï¾’ve taken a few moments to reflect on what continues to be an incredible journey.

I vividly recall that at the end of year two, I gave much consideration to closing my shop. Creativity was at my core, but this experience was less than satisfying. I was chasing the market, trying to offer my customers the current styles and fashions rather than creating what I could see in my minds eye. Michael suggested that I spend one month indulging my creativity before saying goodbye to the Artisan world…yet another reason I am filled with gratitude that God brought the two of us together....and gave me someone to torture with my craziness until ‘death us do part!....but that’s another story!

During that month, I no longer looked to current fashion for inspiration and guidance. I paid no attention to what was selling in the current market. I truly began to follow my bliss and that opened a flood gate of creativity that molds my work to this day. I believe it was the real birth of Out of My Mind!

What I once perceived to be Adult ADD, I have since come to realize is a direct response to my daily affirmations for divine creativity. It’s a lesson in “Be careful what you wish for”!

I’ve already taken so many different paths on this artistic journey....and yet, while I am teaching myself to solder, my mind has gone off on it’s own to find the next medium for my work! This is a never ending process with me....always reaching....trying to keep up with my insatiable desire to create what is unique and unexpected....to create what will bring joy, comfort, or laughter to the owners of my work!

The end results of this ‘divine disorganization’ are the wonderfully eclectic pieces that I am proud to call my art!

'Going Green'.....a term that was not in use when I started creating some years ago. From the beginning, my passion has always been in the repurposing of material to make something of beauty and use, to breathe new life into bits and pieces destined for the landfill. It wasn't as much a conservative effort as it was a fascination with the beauty I found in these discarded elements....an appreciation for the work and effort that went into their original creation....the imagining of the history of that vintage bauble. Who wore it?....Where did she get it?....Was it a gift?....Was it precious to someone?....What was it's journey that allowed it to end up in my hands? Fascinating!
However it has come to be....the chicken or the egg....I'm happy to be a part of a society that is no longer complaisant in the waste of our resources! I have finally landed fully on a Band Wagon! Enjoy!

Here are a few comments from my absolutely awesome customers!......................

It has been such a pleasure dealing with Terry, above and beyond owning a beautiful and unique pair of earrings, because of her willingness to listen to customers' requests and fulfill them as closely, helpfully and quickly as possible. This was my first time ordering a "custom made" piece of jewelry over the internet and, after a lively e-mail exchange detailing a few changes I wanted to make, I am now the proud owner of a spectacular pair of earrings which I'm so looking forward to wearing. Now I'm also anticipating my next pair !!!! Anne

I picked-up your package at the post office today, and the jewels are
GORGEOUS! The bracelet is heavy and so great with those black beads...it
looks like you've slyly strung inky acorns and golden seeds with silver
thread. Wow! And, the earrings are perfect! Thank you so much for making
them up for me. I never dreamed I'd have my own personal jeweler, and,more
importantly, North Carolina friend!


Terry! You have just made my summer with your jewelry creations! The
service is Superwoman- fast, the wrapping tissue is summer-sorbet yummy, and
amazingly, without-a-doubt...FABULOUS!
I am so glad I discovered you and your web site. I'm really
happy to be a member of the "Out of my Mind" Fan Club (obviously a select
group of smart, fashion-conscious, never-grow-old gals who know a great
piece of art when they see it!).
Take care, and thank you
so very much. Susan

Terry, it's always such a pleasure looking through your shop and doing
business with you. Ordering your gorgeous and creative designs gives me
something to look forward to--delivery of my new jools! I just love them and
always get compliments. Thanks so much and keep on creating. Pattie

Oh, Terry!
These necklaces are the best. Thank you so much for the time and imagination you put into them.
I will enjoy wearing them together as well as separately.
I cannot begin to tell you how much more spectacular they are in person.
Hope your weekend is a great one and I look forward to my next purchase.

Terry, I just received the bracelet, and it is lovely! It is even prettier
up-close than on your site. Thank you so much for this one-of-a-kind little
gem, and, thank you for sending it so quickly. I'm going to check your
store now for more great pieces. Thanks so much! Susan

Terry, Terry, Terry--you've outdone yourself! What treasures all my little
jewelry boxes contained! I can't even decide which I like the best--I like
them ALL the best.
Thank you so much, oh talented wonder.

My necklace has arrived and all I can say is WOW!!!
I love it, I really do. it's ME!!!!
I am a multi media artist and this is just the type
of jewelry I have been looking for!
I am so glad I happened on your Shop .... I will be back!

Hi Terry
The necklace arrived today and I love it!! Thank you for packing it so carefully and it is really beautifully made.
I am really glad to have met you...you will definitley be hearing from me again.
Terry O'H
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Beautiful Western Mountains!, NC
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