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Max Breitenbach, Seattle WA

Member since 2018

Purveyor of Rare & Unusual Coins from Around the World

About Original Skin Coins

My name’s Max, and I’ve been collecting coins since I was a little kid. I originally got into the hobby after I inherited my grandfather’s coin collection. My grandfather was a banker in rural Minnesota, and over his career he accumulated hundreds of old U.S. and foreign coins.

The first time I looked through his collection, I was wowed. I never realized that there were so many different designs of U.S. coins, including obsolete denominations like the two or three cent coins. I was immediately hooked.
A decade and a half later, and I do this for a living. At Original Skin Coins, I get to handle coins I used to only dream of as a young collector.

When acquiring new coins for my business, I look for coins that I’d be interested in adding to my own collection. In fact, sometimes I can’t bear to sell them and end up keeping them for myself!

I'm not just here to sell coins (although I certainly don't mind if you buy some!). I want to encourage new collectors to enter the hobby. If you have any questions on coin collecting, please shoot me a message. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge, whether it's telling you how much your old coin is worth, giving advice on a potential purchase, or providing more info on a coin series.

Happy collecting!