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Our Service Pledge
We guarantee the authenticity of all our items. We photograph all pieces before they are shipped and hand pack each item with an abundance of packing materials to ensure that it arrives safely to you, our valued client.
About Us
Olympic Gold and Jewelry is operated by Hillary Barth and her small team in Beverly Hills, California. Hillary has enjoyed a lifelong passion for travel, adventure and discovery of jewelry throughout the U.S. and to distant lands. Along the way she's been blessed to have admired and acquired items of great beauty, unique craftsmanship, eclectic design, and even some oddities that defy description! From one jewelry lover to another, may the quest for beautiful things continue so we can admire, desire and acquire.

Our beautiful collection of fine jewelry, fine watches, antiques and collectibles are acquired through consignment and acquisitions from clients. Our curated selection of fine vintage jewelry and watches is comprised of one of a kind jewelry, hand crafted artisan and original jewelry that dates from the 1800’s through present day. We have signed designer jewelry, such as Tiffany and Chopard and custom-made jewelry; sustainable jewelry; and vintage jewelry with origins from various countries and span many eras such as Victorian/Edwardian- to Art-Deco-to Midcentury-to contemporary. Our inventory is always changing; truly, it’s a treasure trove as you never know what you will find in our showcase.

Prior to listing, every item in our inventory is tested for authenticity. Precious metal purity is verified. All our diamonds are real and they are inspected and tested. All gemstones are genuine. All weights and measures are approximate. Jewelry is cleaned and settings are checked to make sure all gemstones are securely mounted. We work with GIA and have a roster of Jewelers and local gemstone experts that we have access to to help us when needed.

Providing personal, private and consultative services that develops into relationships and friendships drives us. Please don't hesitate to call us at (855) 568-4653 for any inquiry of our special vintage jewelry. We pride ourselves on our 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, and third party rating companies. #shopogj #hillarybarth
Hillary Barth
9182 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly HIlls
CA 90212

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