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Lisa Marino, El Cajon CA

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Old Soul USA ....reflecting true essence.

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About Us
Hi, my name is Lisa and the name of my shop here on Ruby Lane is "Old Soul USA". Old soul because I am one and because I sell vintage clothing,
USA because the vintage clothing I sell was made in the USA.
My mission here is to bring back some of those vintage fads and the spirit of fashion created right here in the good ol' US of A. As most of us know and for those who do not, the quality of USA made clothing supersedes the rest and deserves a comeback.
I am an entrepreneur at heart and am determined to make my dream come true starting right here on Ruby Lane. I have experience in e-commerce, web design, marketing, retail, fashion, etc. and ready now to put all of my experiences together to make this a success.
I believe in true customer satisfaction and am here to help you find that perfect outfit for any occasion, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have.
Lastly, please be patient as my shop mainly only currently carries US sizes S,M, and L or sizes 3-8. However, as I go I will be adding larger sizes and accessories as well.
Old Soul USA ....reflecting true essence.
Thanks and have a beautiful day!