Nuria Dionis

Nuria Dionis, San Cristóbal de La Laguna Spain
since 2019

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About Us
Hello everyone
My name is Nuria im 26 years old and I am from the Canary Islands.
As a teenager I used to worked in an antique shop in order to cover my student expenses, and I discovered how much I love it.

Talking about why I decided to start in Ruby Lane, its because I received a heritage from Portugal (mostly all the items data Century XVIII-XIX).

Those items go from Paintings, sculptures, Decoration, old books, Vintage clothes, Furniture, tones of Silver, plates, crystals, Chinese decoration...etc.

Due to I check online which would be the best option for me, I came across Ruby Lane and I thought I had to show you all of these antiques and start the Business.

I hope you can appreciate these Wonderful antiques as I Do.