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We provide alteration and repair service for our original jewelry and guarantee the authenticity of all our items.
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Atlanta based Nouveau Boutique offers Daisy Godwin's one-of-a-kind original creations that she designs and crafts herself from a repertoire of carefully selected semi-precious stones. "I visualize the arrangement of the jewelry elements like performers on a stage," says Daisy, who has a unique background in choreography, photography and graphic design. We also offer hand-picked and lovingly restored collectible antique and vintage costume and sterling silver jewelry (ranging from 1890 to 1990), plus fashion accessories like purses and perfume bottles.
Daisy has been studying and selling vintage costume jewelry for many years, her knowledge growing from a fascination with the styles, craftsmanship, and human interest stories behind each piece. This eventually inspired her to craft her own creations with a special twist— A multi-cultural perspective blending the East and West. Daisy would love to share her passion with you at Nouveau Boutique!
Daisy Godwin
1853 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
Tel: (678) 613-8881
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