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We have beautiful collections of vintage and antique jewelry. Most of the fine jewelry we have to offer comes from our past, 52 year old family business. The business closed in 1992, due to the untimely death of my father. My wife continued business, and my hobby of great pleasure has continued ever since.

All of our pieces have, and continue to be bank vaulted. This is for
safe keeping as well as an excellent way to maintain high quality and condition.

The items consist of watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings,
brooches, clips and more. There are superb examples of THE BEST of
style ranging from the 1890's through the 1990's including each
decade throughout the centuries. We primarily specialize in 19th and
20th century jewelry. Our pieces are in superb condition, and will
always describe each item in detail with pictures. Please read and
make your decisions based on the descriptions. Although we are
not experts in all aspects of all jewelry, we are highly experienced
and believe you will find great pleasure with our examples, as much
as we have throughout app 43 years of a lifetime. There are pieces
made of gold, silver, and platinum in fine jewelry. The stones, when
adorning a piece, are precious, semi-precious, and/or
non precious in fine jewelry. We will always describe this in detail.
As, some of the early to mid century pieces used mixed metals,
and stones to complete their wonderful creations.

COSTUME JEWELRY: You will find WONDERFUL examples of this
ART FORM. Just as described above detailing fine jewelry, costume
jewelry have always been a great specialty throughout a lifetime
unrelated to the past family business. Although this hobby began in
the mid 1970's, long before any books were published. The exposure
to jewelry in general in those earlier times, was especially important
for the discovery of costume jewelry and accessories. This began with
Bakelite, and everything Art Deco, primarily high Art Deco, being the mid 1920's. But grew to everything that adorned fashion from primarily the 20th century. We have collected and supplied many of THE BEST known high end pieces, as well as the less popular. However, our standards for quality examples of primarily AMERICAN VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY will never be compromised based on cost or value!

We also deal in Italian, English, German, French, and other European designer couture collections, resort, and all levels of jewelry. Such as, the great originator of high style fashion itself, Christian Dior, to name one of the finest. Additionally, you will enjoy selections from The House of Chanel, Valentino, Givenchy, Lanvin, YSL, Christian Lacroix and more!

So, please buy as priced or make your offers! We will certainly be happy to satisfy you, by considering YOUR OFFER!!!!!!! We NOW offer Layaway plans ON ALL items. You are in great hands with us, so buy with confidence. We look forward to providing you with beautiful pieces of jewelry to enhance your collections, and/or to wear with great pleasure!!

PLEASE NOTE THIS DISCLOSURE; Although we accept and appreciate worldwide transactions. Please understand and/or learn the guidelines, rules, laws, and all expenses incurred as related to the importation in your country for your purchases.

Thank you very much, Steven and Ada Person

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