Niko's Treasure

Johnny Sanders, Nashville TN
We are new to Ruby Lane, but not new to antique jewelry. Let us know if we can help you!
since 2019

Giving Century Old Pieces a New Home

About Niko's Treasure

A small business created from our love of unique jewelry, and each other. We love antique jewelry and enjoy speculating on the lives that piece have touched over the years, it could have been a gift of love, appreciation, or even as a remembrance. We spend countless hours researching and collecting pieces that speak to us. We have an affinity for Scottish antiques, Georgian and Victorian pieces.

Our shop name was created in the name of our first child, Niko (the teacup Pomeranian that rules the world). He is full of life and love, and he brings a positive energy to everyone that comes in contact with him.

Most of our items were collected over time from places like Scotland, France and England as well as other European countries. Some items we obtained in auctions, estate sales or other local resources. We inspect each piece before shipping and make any repairs needed. Some items we will not attempt to repair or alter due to it's age or the fear of changing the artist design of the piece, but any flaws will be noted in the piece and are just a part of their history.