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Steven Pearse, Newlyn, Penzance,Cornwall UK

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Tin lined copper. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia.


About Newlyn Tinning Fine Copper Cookware

Our Service Pledge
Finest Professional Grade Fully Reconditioned Tin lined copper cookware. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia.
We respond to all orders within 24 hours, we guarantee the authenticity & quality of all our items.

All multiple orders offer combined shipping so please contact me for total transportation cost.
About Us
Good day & thank you for visiting my shop.
You can be assured that all items available will be of the highest standard & quality both in construction & finish. Re-tinned, re-conditioned & ready for service within the worlds toughest hotel & restaurant environments, or the homes of cooks that want the best!!!

My name is Steven Pearse & I am the proprietor and sole copper-smith tinner at "Newlyn Tinning" here in the centre of Newlyn, Cornwall, England. The home to world renowned Poldark & our lovable, yet socially challenged doctor, Doc Martin.

I take great pride in following my predecessors of this special & highly skilled ancient trade that dates back prior to the Bronze Age (the copper age!) & closer to home the great tradition of copper-smithing in Newlyn where many fishermen in hard winter times turned their hands to producing some of the finest industrial art copper work from the late 19th century arts & crafts era onward. An arts & crafts movement still going strong today.

Great care is taken in seeking out and supplying the finest in copper cookware. Carefully selected & reconditioned to their former glory here at my fully equipped workshop.
Only the purest virgin 100% tin will be used in the re-tinning process leaving all pots and pans ready for many years of unbeatable & unparalleled service.

Often, items I have curated but not yet worked on are privately commissioned by visitors to my workshop here in Newlyn. I know this is not a realistic prospect for customers further afield both nationally & internationally & I am more than happy to do my utmost to fulfill any request for the goods you may require & I offer this same service worldwide.

From the world's top chefs to the humblest cooks, you will be sure to find something special amongst my inventory or to request whatever you desire.

I ship items to any world destination via a global priority service and have supplied much fine copper cookware to my home country England, along with many orders to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan & Europe to name a few.
The maximum shipping weight is usually kept to a total of 30 kg/66 lb, or under for the most economic domestic land & international air freight. Heavier consignments can be arranged.

I have a 100% worldwide customer satisfaction record & nothing but the best service is on offer for your consideration.

Thanks for reading & should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, Steven Pearse.
Newlyn Tinning Fine Copper Cookware.


Martin (Germany) - This was my second purchase. Love at first sight and I know from experience that it will last a lifetime. I know some dealers in Europe who offer similar goods. But Steve is the best. His restoration is technically perfect and reasonably priced. Timely and detailed communication. Fast and safe shipping. Thanks Steve! Martin.

Greg (UK) - I have looked at various suppliers and nobody comes anywhere near your quality or attention to detail.

Adam (UK) - I’m chef at %$*&^%$£S hotel (A TOP LONDON HOTEL) and have always enjoyed using the copper pans for their history and craftsmanship.
Thought a stock pot would be so rare I’d never find one to buy for home , so am over joyed.

Mr. W (USA) - Fantastic quality pan. The craftsmanship is superb and Steven’s attention to detail and love for his craft and profession is obvious in the finished article. Service and delivery was also first class. I will certainly be purchasing from Newlyn Tinning again.

Shae (USA) - Super quick shipping and really stunning work on this antique. I absolutely love it and highly recommend Steve’s work!

Emily (Canada) - A fantastic pan from my favorite seller.

Mr. K (UK) - Perfectly restored and newly tinned saucepan, solid craftsmanship – thanks Steve

Anthony (UK) - The pan arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for excellent service.