Grandma had it, mom threw it out, we bought it back

About New Beginnings Antiques

Our Service Pledge
All our items are inspected and reported to you (the buyer)to the best of our abilities as accurate and true. We understand that purchasing an item online requires high quality pictures and descriptions so you feel as though you are in person with the item and there are no “surprises” when the item arrives at your door.
About Us
My husband and I both share a great appreciation for antique/vintage items. To think of the time one item has been around, what it was used for many moons ago, the joy it brought being proudly used or displayed in a home that is older then any living individual today. To understand that at one time an item was brand new, to think it traveled in camel back trunks across oceans or land while the owners anxiously anticipated the arrival of their destination. The sheer notion that it beat out many of its kind that were broken or trashed and made it to a time and place its owners could never imagine. The families hands that have passed it down, what was once cherished by the first owner passed down generation to generation. Can you even imagine? Oh the stories one antique could tell :-) and that’s why we love it, appreciation of history, history so deep that only the item would be able to tell the whole truth of it’s existence.