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My name is Natallia. My whole life I was working as a interior designer , 4 years
ago, I made a doll and since then I haven’t stopped. The demand for my dolls
became huge world-wide and I dedicated my life to the art of making hand
made life-like dolls.
When I start to create a doll, I never know how will it will end. Piece by piece I
bring soul and good spirit into into the doll and in the end, a new character is
formed. I give my soul to “my little children” and wish for them to find a good
These dolls are not for game, but for people, who want to bring a certain
atmosphere to interior. The dolls are made with lots of love.
A toy is Made in one time ,Hand-sewn, no machine sewing. For clothes, I use
vintage fabrics or create cloth from natural wool and silk using the felting
Sometimes I use dyes to create an aging effect. For the manufacture of face,
arms and legs, I use different types of plastics and clay. To make the body
heavier, I sometimes put metal or glass balls. It gives the effect of a lively toy. I
like to create a little loved toy. As if it is from our childhood so dear and
Creating each toy
is a long and exciting process. And I hope that my work will bring you a lot of
warmth and joy. Do not wash. Clean with a dry brush. Not for children game.
Natallia Viktorchyk
Ben lamond 3400
Los Angeles
CA 90027

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