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Linda Crum, Cottondale AL

Specializing in Big Bold & Beautiful Artisan Statement Necklaces and Building Beautiful 14K Gold Charm Bracelets!

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Artisan Designer Statement Necklaces Made with Vintage Jewelry


About My Heart's Desire

Our Service Pledge
Our shop guarantees the authenticity of all our items and takes pride in superior customer service. We respond to all orders within 48 hours and will answer any questions to the best of our ability. Items described as vintage or antique have had a previous life having been lovingly worn or used by others. Naturally, there may be some normal wear shown, or slight imperfections merely due to age.
About Us
Having worked as an artisan for the past 40 years, I have always adored working with very finite detail items. My Father was an artist and perfectionist, making beautiful jewelry in the 1950’s & 60’s using semi-precious gemstones with silver and gold. I am my Father’s daughter!

While working fulltime for the past 35 years in the financial institution industry alongside my husband, and raising two wonderful daughters, I still found the time to be creating “all things beautiful” in my spare time. From being self taught through the wonderful books by Pierre Finklestein, the world famous painter using the marbling technique, I learned to paint surfaces to look like real marble. Again, through Helen Gibb, the Australian born ribbon artisan, and her wonderful books on ribbon artistry, I learned to make lovely tea roses, along with many other types of flowers, using the techniques in her books. Then came my own two year experimental period, in which I finally make the “perfect” hand painted and sewn silk fabric material rose pin.

I have sold on other online venues, and have a 1600+ positive feedback record, with 0 negatives. I strive for above and beyond in superior customer service!

In my personal life, I am not at all flamboyount, but it seemed that whenever I was creating something, it had to be the biggest, the best, or both! As an example, about 30 years ago when first learning to cross stitch, my first project was the “Last Supper”, and when learning to crochet, my first project was a queen size bed spread. Perhaps a bit of adult "OCD"! If it's not big, bold, unique & beautiful, I just don't have the desire to make it.

My Heart's Desire" is to always be creating something truly beautiful!

Now for my One of a Kind Designer Statement Necklaces. My first spark of love for vintage jewelry came when I was given the privilege of picking out some vintage jewelry pieces (Weiss & Caviness), along with some lovely vintage compacts and such, when my husband's great Aunt Marsha Boyd passed away. She was married to Clarence Boyd, who was the brother of Hopalong Cassidy (Bill A. Boyd), a cowboy western star of the 40's & 50's. I just knew that I must have had a small fortune in those few items that I had packed away. About 25 years later, when pulling them out to look at them and doing some research, I realized that my small fortune wasn't really that great! That's when I started buying lots of vintage jewelry books, researching the different jewelry designers and collecting. I became fascinated with all of those lovely vintage jewels and started adding to my small collection until it grew into a huge mass of jewelry! At the young age of 64, I decided to start selling my jewelry collection, but just selling was not appealing to me, since I still love working with my hands to create. I decided that I would use some of my own jewelry, while searching out many other exquisite pieces to design large opulent statement necklaces. Of course, along with my designer statement necklaces, you will find many other high end designer jewelry pieces in my shop as well.

My necklaces are made by meticulously hand wiring vintage jewelry to a special manufactured base necklace, which allows me to place the jewelry in exactly the precise places needed. When I have completed a necklace, I hand wire another necklace to the back ensuring the utmost comfort for the one wearing the necklace. As often as possible I use a vintage Avon or Napier Panther link necklace. The color or combination of colors and textures, and the exact placement of each piece of jewelry are utmost in my mind when designing a necklace. Prepare to be noticed when wearing one of my One of a Kind Designer Statement Necklaces! Each of my necklaces are a one of a kind, never to be recreated, so if a special necklace catches your eye, don’t pass it up! We all deserve a little self endulgement once in a while!

You may find a rhinestone missing, but this usually happens while designing the necklace. I start with vintage jewelry that is in very good to excellent condition because I want my necklaces to be truly outstanding! While being rare, sometimes it is necessary to remove a pin back or an earring back for the overall beauty of the necklace and the way the piece lays in precisely the right position on the necklace. I don't do this unless it is absolutely necessary, and never on very high end brooches.

I feel truly blessed, and am so excited to have finally taken that first step in opening a shop on Ruby Lane, the world's largest and finest marketplace for antiques and vintage collectibles!

So, welcome to my shop. Please relax, browse, and I hope that I have something for you.

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to let you know that the bracelet arrived
here on Monday. It is perfect! It is prettier in "person", my
daughter now has her eye on it. lol.
Thanks, Susan

Hi Linda,
Just a quick note to let you know that the Eisenberg Snowman
Brooch arrived safely yesterday! The brooch is beautiful! Thank
you for holding it for me, for packing it so well, and for
mailing it so promptly.
All the best,

I am really enjoying my special gold charm bracelet. I love that I can breathe new life into someone else’s special keepsake. I value the time that I will have taking care of this bracelet and will pass it down through my family for more years of care taking. Thank you for having such a nice charm bracelet in your shop.
Happy Holidays,

Your creations are truly great works of art. They are stunning,
not only beautiful, but also extraordinarily thoughtfully
handcrafted. I will save up to buy a collection piece, although
I cannot afford one just now. I could not resist emailing you to
let you know how much these pieces have captured my heart.
Thank you,

Received...LOVE IT!!

Dear Linda, I got my pin, it is beautiful and I am very pleased
with it.

.Hello Linda
I just want to let you know that I received my Weiss Christmas Tree Brooch today and that it is absolutely gorgeous.