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My love of antique fashion began in an antique shop in Maine in the early 1990s. I purchased an Edwardian dress that was so beautiful and studying all of the masterful sewing techniques used to make this dress, I was amazed. This was the beginning of a long journey. Like all collectors, you find yourself continually buying and selling because that is a part of the journey. We acquire, we research, learn and acquire more. I have been an antique textile dealer for 25 years.

My shop continually brings a carousel of antique fashion for all who love it as much as I. My clothing begins at about 1850 and goes to the 1970s.
Many of my items are museum de acquisitions . I have antique clothing, antique fashion accessories, vintage clothing, vintage hats, and all in between. Welcome to my shop; and please do not hesitate to ask any questions or make offers. I am usually open to all.