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I guarantee my items to be as described and will respond promptly to all orders and queries.

About Us

You may always expect fine antique French fashion dolls and accessories along with excellent customer care from Mlle. Bereux. My items are well photographed and accurately described. Scale and proportion are important when matching accessories and clothing to dolls, so I will always give measurements and state my opinion as to what size doll the item would be best suited to. Do not hesitate to email me your questions - they will be promptly answered. I accept payment in the form of Paypal, cashier's and personal checks (with a brief clearing period). I ship parcels at least once per week. Shipping charges may almost always be combined for multiple items purchased at one time.

I have been an avid collector of antique dolls and a member of UFDC since 1985. In 1995 I purchased my first French Fashion doll and, of course, I was smitten. I gradually sold the rest of my collection in order to focus on les petites Dames de Mode, the dolls along with their clothing and accessories. My parallel interest in hand sewing quickly came in quite handy. Each little Demoiselle demanded a wardrobe perfectly made to compliment her figure and complexion, not to mention her desire to be au courant for the period of her manufacture. And so, after much research and hands-on experience with these lovely dolls, I have become something of a connoisseur. I was flattered when my costuming skills earned the blue ribbon at a recent UFDC National Convention.

A few years ago I began to sell some items from my collection on an online auction site. Over and over again my customers would ask me if I wouldn't, please, open a shop on the web? After much thought and planning that shop is now a reality: Mlle. Bereux. My customers can rely on the fact that I won't purchase anything for my shop that I wouldn't be pleased to have in my own collection.

Of course, those of you with a passion for French Fashion dolls are very familiar with the original Mademoiselle Bereux. This young entrepreneur was the dolls' couturiere who turned Paris society on it's head during the mid-1800's from a corner of her father's perfume shop at 21 Rue du Hanovre. Her innate sense of elegance and sophistication was perfectly realized in the design of the miniature costumes she created for the finest poupees of the era. Socialites from the highest strata of Paris society visited her boutique for fashionable clothing and accessories for their daughters' dolls. Mlle. Bereux's costume designs influenced Parisian taste and the style of fashion for children and adults alike during the 1850's - '60's.

Mlle. Bereux has become my muse as I have opened this shop. As I handle these charming dolls, clothing and accessories from the distant past, I imagine that they may have passed through the little shop on the Rue du Hanovre. Or, perhaps one of the myriad of doll shops, both large and small, that were sprinkled throughout the most fashionable districts of Paris from 1855 - 1880. These delightful souvenirs from the past continue to charm me - and the other collectors from all over the world who have become my customers and friends. Happy shopping!
Liz Quaday
22961 County 7
Park Rapids , MN 56470-5076
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