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An eclectic collection of things remembered. Tá fáilte romhat [There is a welcome in front of you]. Welcome to the Cottage!

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That which reminds us of our happy past will always be a sweet memory to recall.

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I love you with an Everlasting love; this is why in my Grace, I draw you unto Me. ~ Jeremiah 31:2

Some of my fondest memories are hanging out with my grandmother (affectionately called "Mimi") at her cottage. Playing dress-up with her shoes, hats, and jewelry. Learning to bake from sight, touch, smell, and taste. Reading on the couch until past the midnight hour (and getting to sleep on the couch!). It is those memories that are waiting for you in Mimi's Cottage. A few years ago, my youngest daughter, who shares a passion for all things vintage, and I, ran a small vintage jewelry business out of two local antique shops. It was great fun, because we loved what we were doing. Too often, we lose that sense of passion and find ourselves in a routine of daily living, with no purpose for our lives. Sometimes, as life goes by, we do what we have to do, not what we want to do. We lose ourselves. However, when we revisit the memories that we hold precious and deep, and allow them to come to the surface, we often find those things that make our living a remarkable life. Whether it is the smell of fresh cut grass (which always takes me back to when I was a little girl and my dad was cutting the grass and he stopped to give me a dime to buy an ice-cream – the one with the gumball at the bottom) or the feel and look of a vintage necklace touching your skin, that brings back those days spent playing dress-up, or a game, or a book once read. That is exactly what we are after here at the cottage. We are in search of the memories.

I serve on the board of IESC as an educational consultant/academic contractor (with 20+ years teaching private & public and then running a home-school for our children & founding a home-school consulting group). I own a business specializing in handcrafted stained glass, wall murals, mosaics, and one-of-a-kind artwork, and heraldry (which just might show up again at the cottage!). I am a freelance blogger, writer, & photographer; and an artist/illustrator, specializing in Fine Art Portraits, Grunge Photography, and Street, Stock & Travel photography. I freelance as a professional genealogist, photogenealogist (I am absolutely fascinated with old photographs), and personal historian, collecting historical stories and writing memoirs, especially for our veterans and for all things that full of God’s Grace. Imaginings don't create themselves, words don't write themselves. I welcome your correspondence. Now, that is another thing, the lost art of letter-writing.

With fire in her soul, and grace in her heart, 'tis herself. It is time to re-open the doors and invite you in for a cup-a-tea!
Tá fáilte romhat [There is a welcome in front of you]. Welcome to Mimi’s Cottage and Saving Grace Studio!