Mierop Fine Arts

Craig Mierop, Bloomfield NJ
since 2019

Specializing in Early American portraits

About Mierop Fine Arts

Our Service Pledge
Every painting is sold in pristine condition. Each is professionally refurbished or restored to its original state and is sold in a ready-to-hang condition. Attribution to specific artists on works that are unsigned is based on personal expertise or on the opinion of an expert on the artist if one exists. Attributions are not applied unless significant evidence is established. Feel free to call regarding attributions for an explanation of proof.
About Us
Why portraits? I wish I knew. I have been fascinated by them all of my life. I have bought, restored, collected and sold portraits now for more then fifty years. My criteria is simply that I buy, keep and sell what I find interesting. Some are simply decorative and others are rare works by famous artists. I have placed portraits and other paintings with private individuals, top decorators and museums. Occasionally I come across a terrific still life or a portrait of a ship--a landscape if it has a certain amount of interest. I hope you will like what you see as much as I do and find something you feel you just have to have.