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About Michael Millard-Lowe Antiques

Michael Millard-Lowe, native Oklahoman, self avowed hick, navy veteran and antiques expert. Michael began his career in 1995 when he decided that the accounting life was not for him. "I was stuck in a tiny little cubicle in the basement, very gray, lasted not even a month, quit and started an antiques business." He says his height (6'8"), makes him attracted to monumental pieces of furniture. He splits his time between his shop in Norfolk, Virginia and his home in the South of France. "I do most of my buying here in France, because its where the most interesting finds are. I'm known regionally as that American guy that will buy huge pieces of furniture." Speaking fluent French and having a French partner helps him get into homes and introduced to families that most American dealers don't have access to. Michael is not a strict Francophile, however he is known for his eclectic mix of furniture from 17th century England to 20th century Danish modern. "Fabulous has no boundaries or period" he says